Sivanmalai shri pushpambigai and shri pushpagiri Eshwarar temple

The main God in this temple is Lord Shiva and his consort Parvathi. In this temple, they are called as Pushpagiri Eswarar and Shri Pushpambigai respectively. This temple is located in Pammal, near Pallavaram.

History of the Temple

This Temple was built by Kulothunga Chozan III in 1213 CE. It was built on a small mountain called Kundru in Tamil. It is believed that Renganathar of Thiruneermalai visited this place and worshiped Shri Pushpagiri Eshwarar of this temple. So Renganathar’s feet were built in this temple.

About Temple

This temple contains 27 steps to visit the god. The temple is located in between residential houses. There are some inscriptions written on the stones that are still seen in this temple.

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